Promotion Video “Oita Sustainable Gastronomy” OUT NOW!

Oita Sustainable Gastronomy Promotion Council which Usuki city belongs just released a video “Your satisfaction is our passion – Oita Sustainable Gastronomy -“!

Not only Usuki city, but also other cities of Oita prefecture has a sustainable food culture such as a traditional and historical fermentation culture and the spirit of hospitality.
We would be most grateful if you come to Oita in order to feel and experience those amazing attractions.
We are waiting for you!

“Your satisfaction is our passion – Oita Sustainable Gastronomy -“

English ver.

French ver.

What is “Oita Sustainable Gastronomy”?

Sustainable gastronomy refers to a food and food culture that considers sustainability in each stage of food production, cultivation methods, markets, and the way it reaches the table. Together with as many people as possible, we aim to protect the culture, history, and environment surrounding Oita Prefecture’s unique food, while updating it in line with the times, so that future dining tables will continue to be rich.

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